Squatting Works Better
We are hardly the first to feel strongly about this: doctors, naturopaths, and assorted holistic health professionals have pointed out the hazards of the modern toilet for years. There is empirical evidence that suggests that elevating your feet during elimination is healthier.

The modern day toilet is convenient, but has one major fault; it requires us to sit. While sitting to do our business may be considered “civilized”, studies show the natural squat position improves our ability to eliminate. Better elimination may decrease many modern day ailments including bloating, straining, hemorrhoids and constipation.

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Here's How It Works
The human body was designed to squat to eliminate

Anorectal Angle
Let’s review the mechanics of going to the bathroom. People can control when they defecate, to some extent, by contracting or releasing the anal sphincter. But that muscle can’t maintain continence on its own. The body also relies on a bend in the rectum (where feces is stored), and the anus (where feces comes out).

When we’re standing or sitting the bend, called the anorectal angle, is kinked which puts upward pressure on the rectum and keeps the feces inside. The sitting posture actually keeps us in ‘continence mode’. This makes elimination difficult and incomplete, creating the need to STRAIN. Some researchers have compared the anatomical predicament created by sitting on a toilet to trying to defecate through a kinked garden hose. It just doesn't work.

In the squatting posture, the puborectalis muscle relaxes allowing the bend to straighten out resulting in easier defecation. Squatting is the natural way to achieve easier and more complete elimination. Research shows that squatting relieves the kink effect. Also, the pressure of thigh muscles against the lower abdomen helps with exertion and elimination.

Assuming the squat position is the natural way to achieve easier and more complete elimination. Research has shown that in some people, the kink is completely gone while squatting.

"Because of the anorectal angle being in a kinked position while sitting you are forced to strain in order to move the bowels, which is the main cause of hemorrhoids. While squatting the angle straightens out allowing the fecal matter to eliminate quickly and easily without straining."

- Israel Journal of Medicine

"The ideal posture for defecation is the squatting position. In this way the capacity of the abdominal cavity is greatly diminished and intra-abdominal pressure increased thus encouraging expulsion."

- William S. Haubrich MD , Bockus Gastroenterology

It's So Simple
Everyone can benefit from Squatty Potty®

  Squatty Potty® is a, custom-designed stool allows for proper toilet posture on our existing toilets. And, it wraps your toilet perfectly, allowing it to easily store out of the way when not in use.

It provides a safe, stable platform to elevate the feet and legs, allowing greater hip flexion and straightening out the anorectal angle (kink).

Squatty Potty®:
• Takes your body from continence mode to elimination mode
• Reduces straining and decreases pressure on the rectum
• Allows for complete emptying of the bowel

Health Benefits
Doctor recommended for relief from:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Pelvic Floor Issues

Individual results may vary.
Squatty Potty does not claim to cure any disease.
Squatting reduces the time required to do our business and has numerous health benefits. We invite you to check out the research studies done on squatting. Once you have become educated, decide for yourself if the Squatty Potty is right for you.